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Who Are We?

Kuntec H&V GmbH Co. has been founded in 2000 by Farshad Pourazari and  was registered in Germany to satisfy the needs of the industry in the field   machinery and services. Today, Kuntec H&V GmbH Co. is active companies in the field of new or second hand machinery and production lines for various industrial applications, especially in Germany.

Why Choose Us

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Honest and Dependable

We always live up to our our deadlines and we always work straight forward and truthfully.


We Are Always Improving

We are always looking to improve our selfes in all departments!


We Are Passionate

We take as much time as we need to Satisfy our customers. On top of that we love what we do!


We Provide Services even after your purchase

We will Provide great Service and Support you Until you are satisfied!                                 

What do we do?

Refurbishing,  Updateing and Selling.

KUNTEC H&V; GmbH, is employing skilled engineers and technicians in the field of industrial machinery, ready to offer technical services in such fields as refurbishing, overhauling, and updating of second hand equipment. Even if it is beyond our Know-How, the company has good relations to experts who are the best in their special discipline and ready to help our costumers. 

Our Costumers are our number one Priority.

We always focus on meeting the client’s requirements and are doing our best to present solutions in accordance with customer’s requests. 

Our After-Sales-Service

Selling of machinery is not the end of the deal, it is the beginning of a real obligation towards the customer. Both regarding after-sales-service, supplying with original spare parts or the procurement of spare parts from other competitors. Of course, everyone is free to acquire the necessary spare parts directly from the manufacturer. 


Adolf-Kolping-Weg 6
Netphen, 57250


Email: info@kuntec-co.com
Phone: +49 (0)2738 692259
Fax : +49 (0)2738 692359