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A brief history
Founded in 2000 by Farshad Pourazari, Kuntec H&V GmbH Co. was registered in Germany to satisfy the needs of the industry in the field of plastic technology and products. After some years, the director of the company decided to also provide other industries with appropriate machinery and services. Today, Kuntec H&V GmbH Co. is one of the most active

companies in the field of new or second hand machinery and production lines for various industrial applications, especially in Germany.

Considering the ever-increasing demands of industries worldwide and the special requirements of industries and factories to renovate and equip their production facilities with modern, state-of-the-art technology and machinery, KUNTEC H&V Co. has started some new initiatives. One of the main actions is taking note of the exchange rate of Euro against US Dollar, which has provided a good chance for the buyers to negotiate. It is the intention of our managers to enable our customers to make use of this opportunity.

7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH

Qualified technical support and legal advice
Solutions according to customer’s specification
Dismantling on site, High quality of German second hand machinery
Installing and re-commissioning of machine
High quality of German second hand machinery
Providing spare parts and maintenance
Special offers and occasions


1. Qualified technical support and legal advice
Unlike most of its competitors, KUNTEC is not just a trader communicating between buyer and seller, however, we act as reliable consultants of the buyer to preserve his interests. Possessing professional, experienced teams of technical and commercial experts, Kuntec Co. pre-examines possible supplies for the customer with honest information to make it easy for the customer to consider all necessary steps. Besides, KUNTEC Co. is ready to offer technical consulting services in the fields of mechanics, industrial engineering, power, electronics, and civil engineering.
KUNTEC H&V GmbH, employing skilled engineers and technicians in the field of industrial machinery, is ready to offer technical services in such fields as refurbishing, overhauling, and updating of second hand equipment. Even if it is beyond our Know-How, the company has good relations to experts who are the best in their special discipline and ready to help our costumers.
7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH
2. Solutions according to customer’s specification
All the staff and managers of KUNTEC Co. focus on meeting the client’s requirements and are doing their utmost to present solutions in accordance with customer’s requests. Being specialized in all areas including machinery and production lines of rubber and plastic, wire and cable, moulding equipment and lathe machine operations, packing, printing and metal working, we try to set up a perfect production line by arranging the machinery in a logical way. These kinds of production lines which are called "composite" ones have much lower prices compared with the integrated lines. It is worth mentioning that the role of the technical and drawing team is vital in designing the composite production lines, since a minor computing error leads to the disaster of continuous machinery standstill. It is a nightmare for blue collar workers not being able to avoid the discontinuities which consequently mean high losses in production and increased costs.
7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH
3. Dismantling on site, High quality of German second hand machinery
Disassembling of all machines is carried out by qualified experts who are directly monitored by KUNTEC specialists. Upon customer’s request, it is possible to send experts to their premises. It is important to note that professional, industrial photographers will take photos or shoot films during all the steps of the disassembling process, if the customer wishes so.
We all know that proper packing and transportation of the machinery is of great importance. A lack of a stable packing or inappropriate transportation can cause damages to the machinery, especially the delicate ones, which can not be replaced. We utilize various methods in disassembling, packing and transportation. If necessary, KUNTEC will invite or hire experts of other fields to deal with the process. The prices offered by KUNTEC are ex-works based and do not include the costs of disassembling, packing and transportation.
7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH
4. Installing and re-commissioning of machine
As installation and commissioning of machines and especially of production lines with high technical standard is very important, employees of KUNTEC H&V GmbH are ready for the education of customer’s personnel. Furthermore, direct training by specialized technical staff is also possible. These services are invoiced accordingly.
7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH
5. High quality of German second hand machinery
The most important criterion in choosing second hand machinery is its quality and present condition. We would like to draw your attention to quality and conditions of used machines in Europe. Generally, used machines of German origin are of better condition than second hand machinery in other countries. The reason for this fact is that German factories employ skilled workers and machines are repaired and serviced regularly according to maintenance schedules. The world market accepts higher prices for used machines of German origin rather than from other countries. In case of identical machines the one that was in production in a German factory is mostly still in very good condition. It is important that the used machine runs 24 hours a day, each year, without repairs and production downtime. It is recommendable that the customer provides for a spare parts package of standard working parts that he keeps in his factory to avoid time loss and production stops. Experienced industrial producers believe that low-priced machines will impose more costs on both production and maintenance.
7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH
6. Providing spare parts and maintenance
For the employees and mangers of KUNTEC H&V Co. it is certain that selling of machinery is not the end of the deal, but it is the beginning of a real obligation towards the customer. Both regarding after-sales-service, supply with original spare parts or the procurement of spare parts from other competitors. Of course, everyone is free to procure the necessary spare parts directly from the manufacturer. However, Kuntec H&V will have better procurement conditions because it is a German enterprise.
7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH
7. Special offers and occasions
Machines purchased in European auctions usually have a price equal to 10 – 40 % of their real price. However, despite the public belief this type of machines is of high quality with an optimum of safety. The only reason for the sale at a low price in auctions is that the manufacturer is faced with bankruptcy or has problems because of exchange rate fluctuation of Euro against Dollar or some other management failures. This means a unique opportunity for producers to take steps in updating their production lines, or even better, to develop them.
7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH

Workflow in Kuntec H&V GmbH
KUNTEC H&V Co.has established a new method in this kind of business. The interaction between client and company takes place during two steps;

A. Before signing the contract
  1. The customer informs KUNTEC about the exact technical data of the requested machine or line.
  2. These data are scrutinized by the company’s experts in Europe to be sent to the representative’s headquarters.
  3. The solutions including some more information like precise technical data, brochures and catalogues are sent back to the customer.
  4. The second step will start if the client’s experts verify the final choice. If not, better alternatives are searched for in Europe in order to be presented to the client.

B. After signing the contract
After the official signing of contract by the two parties, we start the official procedure of purchasing the machinery from abroad and send an invitation letter to the customer to visit the purchased equipment.
It is important to note that the mentioned steps before signing of contract are totally free of charge. The negotiations are always be based on mutual confidence.
After signing an agreement it is possible to invite the client’s experts to visit the imported goods or take part in training courses for handling of machines.

Declaration of the results
and informing          
your experts about them

Preliminary examinations
by our experts and
then, sending the
results to the our offices

    Sending the technical
specification of the requested
  machine to the our offices


Broader examinations
  throughout Europe
  and introduction of
       similar cases


Examination of the offers by your experts

Negotiation with the European partners by the Kuntec H&V GmbH experts and offering suggestions for determining the way of dealing or other necessary steps

          Carrying out the
     necessary formalities or
    sending invitation letter(s)
   for visiting at sight by your
experts in the country of origin

Signing the contract

Activity fields of Kuntec H&V GmbH:

Full production lines of various industrial factories
rubber & plastic industry: all kinds of extrusion blow-moulding, injection-moulding machines, mixers, granulators, complete pipe & profile lines, extruders, complete extrusion lines
Wire & Cable industry: pay-offs, taping lines, drum twister, extruder, braider strander, bunching machines, fiber optic jacketing and production
Lathe operation industry: All kinds of moulds, CNC & CNC center, Wire cut, Spark, Radial drill
Metal Working industry: all kinds of presses (hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical) in different tonnage, breaking press, shearing machine
Paper production facilities
Oil extraction out of oil seeds and sugar cane processing
We are also able to satisfy your needs in other industries.

A brief history
7 reasons to choose Kuntec H&V GmbH
Workflow in Kuntec H&V GmbH
Activity fields of Kuntec H&V GmbH

Kuntec H&V GmbH

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