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Machine condition


Almost new, ready for immediate commissioning

Machine/line seldom used. No wear on mechanical parts. Electrical equipment complete and ready for immediate operation as soon as connected to power supply. Machine/line perfectly clean.

Very good, ready for immediate  commissioning

Machine/line in very good condition.  Mechanical parts with less or no wear at all. Machine/line complete with electrical equipment and ready for operation immediately after connection to power supply.

Very good, but some missing parts

Machine/line in very good condition. Mechanical parts with less or no wear at all. However, as some main parts like control panel or gears and motors are missing, machine cannot immediately be put in operation. Need for amendments.

Usual wear

Machine/line shows normal wear due to regular use. Has been producing until it was dismantled. Replacement of some parts might be neccessary or reasonable.

Repairs required, incomplete

Machine/line cannot be put in operation without replacement or overhauling of some parts / components. Furthermore, machine/line is not complete - some main parts / components like control cabinet, motors, gears, etc are missing.


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